Generating Blogging Ideas

Just a quick one this, as I’m interested in how you blog.

How do you generate ideas for your blog and where do you have them?

I ask, as I seem to be getting my inspiration for writing as I walk Teddy in the mornings, through the Roman ruins at the back of our house. I should take a note pad, or even better than that, a dictaphone (something to record my voice on for those of you under the age of 21). I wonder if I could record my thoughts on to the video setting of my camera?

Anyhow, I’m walking & thinking but of course by the time I get home, those thoughts have been usurped by what I should have for tea. Any ‘light-bulb’ moments have well and truly been deleted by the time I get to my desk and get to sit in front of the iMac.

And then what to blog about? Where do you research what’s hot and what’s yesterday? Are you paying someone to blog for you and is it working out? Would you like to guest blog for me if you think it would help you and/or be of interest to the readers of the Red Box Blog?

Answers on a postcard please…

About the Author:
Emma Crabtree is the owner and sole-operator of Red Box Virtual Office, an off-site business support service.  An erratic blogger, Emma does like stream-of-consciousness writing and adding her 2 pennies to other people’s posts.

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