Affiliate Programs? Shopping Carts? Check for Fraud!

Affiliate Program FraudIt always happens to the good guys, doesn’t it?

A colleague of mine who has been in the business since I was in nappies (well, not quite, sorry Kathy!) has a great affiliate program for her book, Worth More Than Rubies. Selling through her website with a secure shopping cart, she thought she was doing everything by the book. And this is a woman who dots her ‘i’s and crosses her ‘t’s before releasing anything…

So how distraught must she have been to find that her website, affiliate program, book and shopping cart were all the target of one, not-so-little fraud?

Read the full story here. If you have your own affiliate programs and/or use a shopping cart to sell your products, it may be worthwhile to keep this story at the forefront of your mind…

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